Megan Orchard, Physician Assistant

The John L. Trotter MS Center is Thrilled to Introduce Megan Orchard PA-C

Commited to comprehensive MS Care

Megan Orchard is passionate about providing the best care for her patients with Multiple Sclerosis. Megan enjoys providing individualized education about the disease, symptoms, and how our therapies work. MS varies between individuals, but knowledge allows one to take control of their disease and make it more predictable. Megan wants her patients to have control of their MS, instead of their MS controlling them.

Outstanding Qualifications

Megan graduated from Texas A&M University and completed her Masters of Physician Assistant Studies at UT Southwestern (UTSW). UTSW is one of the largest MS Centers in the country with 8 dedicated MS Physicians, 3 Advanced Practice Clinicians, and over 5000 Patients with MS. At UTSW, Megan was exposed to a variety of philosophies and treatment approaches by some of the top MS clinicians in the country. Megan can bring a fresh perspective to your disease to optimize your treatment plan. While your physician will always be monitoring your disease and therapies, Megan may have some new ideas to improve your level of function and medication regimen.

Not Just More Medicines

While Megan is well-trained to use medications for MS symptoms, she has much more to offer. We know that our patients are already taking a lot of medications, and more pills are not always what’s best. Megan has expertise in a holistic and non-pharmacological approach to your MS symptoms, such as walking, pain, spasms, bladder, fatigue, constipation, etc.
Megan will be part of your clinical MS treatment team, and always communicate with your physician to ensure you receive the best care. You will be scheduled to see Megan every-other-visit, alternating with your physician. Megan will know your MS history through your medical records. Megan is happy to discuss your symptoms, medication side effects, or any other concerns. We hope you are open to this collaboration, as we know it will benefit you in the long run.