Sports Medicine (PM&R/Orthopedics)

The PM&R sports medicine fellowship at Washington University School of Medicine offers broad comprehensive training in sports and musculoskeletal medicine. It provides excellent learning opportunities in a tertiary care university setting and has access to the resources of a world-renowned orthopedic surgery department. The fellow will have the opportunity to learn from national leaders in PM&R and Orthopedic Surgery, and work with various different board certified sports medicine physicians.
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Neurorehabilitation (PM&R/Neurology)

This one-year fellowship is available for those who completed prior residency training in PM&R or Neurology. Fellow spends most of the time on Stroke and BI services with exposure to SCI service and is actively engaged in rehabilitation consult service and in the outpatient clinic. During fellowship year, trainee often serves as an attending in on the inpatient service. There is also an opportunity to participate in the research as well.
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