Aphasia Clinic

Evidence-based clinical care

The Evidence Based Aphasia Clinic (EBAC) is a joint outpatient program of the Department of Neurology at Washington University School of Medicine and The Rehabilitation Institute of St. Louis, and is led by Robert Fucetola, PhD, and Maurizio Corbetta, MD.

Core principles of the clinic are the use of language treatment techniques that have support in efficacy data and the objective measurement of treatment effectiveness. Care paths for the treatment on verbal expression, comprehension, reading and writing were developed according to levels of evidence (Class I, II, and III evidence), cognitive neuro-psychological and life participation models; and the World Health Organization International Classification of Health, Disability and Function (ICF). Treatment decisions are based on the principle of non-biased assessment of clinical progress. In order to control for examiner bias in clinical decision making, objective determination of the patient’s language process is achieved by periodic assessment by a third party blind to the therapeutic treatment techniques. Multi-layered assessments are obtained throughout treatment (i.e., weekly treatment-specific probes, monthly disclosure probes for the generalization of treatment effects, and bi-annual aphasia and neuro-psychological assessments). Weekly multidisciplinary staff addresses patient progress. The clinic is staffed by multidisciplinary aphasia team: a behavioral neurologist, a clinical neuro-psychologist, speech-language pathologists (SLP’s) and a consulting aphasiologist PhD (speech language pathologist).


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