Continuity Clinic

Adult and pediatric patients with traumatic and non-traumatic spinal cord injuries are offered comprehensive evaluation and follow up care by physicians (physiatrists) specializing in the care of spinal cord injuries.

The following are the most common spinal cord injury (SCI) complications that require regular evaluation and management: neurogenic bladder and bowel, autonomic dysreflexia, pressure ulcers, neurogenic osteoporosis, heterotopic ossification, acute and chronic pain syndromes, spasticity and musculoskeletal conditions related to primary injury, as well as to overuse pathology in wheelchair users.

Significant emphasis is given to prevention and health maintenance of SCI patients especially in the view of decreased mortality in this population. Aging with spinal cord injury becomes a new and challenging arena for many health care providers.

Most of the spinal cord injury patients undergo annual renal surveillance since morbidity from urinary tract related pathology continues to dominate. General check-up is offered as well and includes, but not limited to, comprehensive blood work, imaging studies and bone density.
Patients are evaluated for orthotic devices, assistive and adaptive equipment.

Clinic provides triage for psycho-socials needs and community resources.

Patients are assessed regularly for the need of either out-patient or in-patient rehabilitation therapies.

Patients are seen at the Washington University Physician Clinic at:

The Rehabilitation Institute of St. Louis
4921 Parkview Place, Suite 6C
St. Louis, Mo 63110

To schedule anappointment, call 314-362-4503