Chronic Disease Self-Management for Parkinson Disease (CDSM4PD)

Want to play more of a leading role in your disease management?

The Program in Occupational Therapy at Washington University School of Medicine is now offering self-management workshops to individuals with Parkinson’s disease as a part of a new research study. Those enrolled will participate in the Chronic Disease Self-Management Program (CDSMP), a six-week class series that offers tools and information to help people manage their condition and participate fully in life. Interactive classes led by trained facilitators explore a variety of topics including:

  • Managing symptoms such as pain, fatigue and difficult emotions
  • Healthy eating and exercise choices
  • Evaluating new treatment choices
  • Appropriate use of medications
  • Effective ways to talk with healthcare professionals and loved ones

Additionally, group discussion and collaboration help members develop appropriate goals and problem-solving strategies relating to their disease. Study participation includes attendance at six, two hour classes, once a week and agreement to other study requirements (questionnaires and a debriefing interview). There is no monetary compensation for participation but previous research on the CDSMP suggests a wide variety of benefits in adults with chronic diseases including improved self-efficacy, decreased health-care costs, and prevention or delay of disability.


  1. Volunteers must be diagnosed with PD.
  2. Volunteers can be males or females over 30 years of age.
  3. Volunteers must not be experiencing any problems with thinking and memory that interfere with their daily activities.
  4. Volunteers must not have a history of brain surgery or other neurological problems besides PD.
  5. People taking certain medications or with other serious systemic health problems (e.g., heart failure) will be excluded.

The principal investigator of this study is Dr. Erin Foster. For more information about the study and how to get involved, please contact Tasha Doty at 314-362-7160.