Aging & Dementia


Neurologists with the Washington University Memory Diagnostic Center have expertise in evaluating, diagnosing and providing care for individuals with memory disorders.

Serious memory loss is not a part of normal aging. Greater public awareness of the impact of memory loss and dementia has led to increased concern from people affected, as well as from their families.

If you are concerned about yourself or a loved one, please contact our out team for more information.

A physician’s referral is required to be seen by a specialist with the Washington University Memory Diagnostic Center.

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There is no single test to diagnose dementia or serious memory loss. Washington University neurological specialists with the Memory Diagnostic Center work with your doctor and family to establish a diagnosis and a treatment plan.

Early detection and early interventional therapies are essential to slowing down the progression of memory loss, improving symptoms and enhancing quality of life for patients.

If you are interested in participating in research opportunities to help us understand how to better diagnose, treat, and ultimately prevent memory disorders, please contact The Memory and Aging Project.

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The multidisciplinary treatment team includes:

Randall J. Bateman, MD
David B. Carr, MD
Gregory Day, MD, MSc, FRCPC
Nupur Ghoshal, MD, PhD
David M. Holtzman, MD
Eric McDade, DO
John C. Morris, MD
Erik Musiek, MD, PhD
Suzanne E. Schindler, MD, PhD
B. Joy Snider, MD, PhD
Cassandra Ward, ANP

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