Research Mentorship


Provide structured resources to PM&R residents for professional development in the areas of academics and research.


During the initial years of residency, residents will identify faculty mentors based upon desired professional expertise within the field of rehabilitation medicine. The faculty mentors will guide the mentored resident through a structured program aimed at developing clinical and research expertise in the resident’s field of interest.

The Resident Coordination Leader and the Mentorship Program Director will facilitate the program, including providing assistance for matching residents with mentors, identifying and developing additional resources as needed, coordinating and helping with presentation activities, and monitoring progress.

Typical Progress during Residency Years 1-4

PGY 1-2

  • Identify area of interest and Perform literature review

PGY 2-4

  • Present resident seminar, clinical case conference, and JC on related topics
  • Present research projects, if involved

PGY 3-4

  • Submit clinical case conference to a national journal
  • Present clinical case /resident seminar at national conference
  • Present / publish original research, if involved

Jessica Justmann, MD – Resident Coordination Leader
Alexandre Carter, MD/PhD – Mentorship Program Director