Rehab in Review


Develop hands-on EBM and authoring skills among PM&R residents, by

  1. Selecting PM&R relevant articles from the non-PM&R journal based upon specific criteria
  2. Critically perusing the articles, with focus on methods, results, and conclusion focusing on implications for physiatry
  3. Authoring a brief summary distinct from the abstract

Rehab in Review – The Publication

Rehab in Review is a monthly review journal published through Emory University and the Association of Academic Physiatry (AAP). The journal is comprised of physiatry-relevant publications selected from articles summaries authored by PM&R residents from participating residency programs. Selection criteria relate to the relevance of the summary for physiatry and the authoring itself. RIR is distributed nation-wide to all PM&R residency programs, and is available to international programs as well.


Each PGY1 submits 1 publication annually, and each PGY 2-4 resident 3 publications annually to the Rehab in Review (RIR) Regional Managing Editor for WashU, who in turn, helps residents with articles selection, editing, submitting to Rehab in Review, and keeping track of summaries accepted.

Jeremy Hartman, MD – WashU RIR Regional Managing Editor Director
Oksana Volshteyn, MD – WashU PM&R Residency Program