PM&R Quality Improvement & Research Curriculum

The PM&R Quality Improvement and Research Curriculum (Academic Year 2015-present) has been developed for the purpose of facilitating the learning process of in-depth quality improvement project design and implementation, and engagement in academic research with a research mentor. Overall, the curriculum aims to foster a lifelong approach of actively seeking and adopting evidence-based best clinical practices.

The program was designed by our first QI and Research Chief Resident under faculty guidance, using project management principles. The curriculum was then developed and implemented using the 6 step approach to curriculum development. A structured approach is utilized to accomplish and measure outcomes including resident participation, publications, and presentation activities.

The program is comprised of 5 components, and administered by a resident team with Faculty, true to the PM&R core ethos of teamwork. The structure of the program is presented below.


Resident Team 2015-2016

Prateek Grover, MD, PhD, Research & QI Chief Resident
Jessica Justmann, MD, Mentorship Coordination Leader
Jeremy Hartman, MD, RIR WashU Regional Managing Editor

Resident Team 2016-2017

Jessica Justmann, MD, Research & QI Chief Resident
Andrew Creighton, MD, Mentorship Coordination Leader
Rucha Kharod, MD, RIR WashU Regional Managing Editor

Faculty Team

David B. Carr, PSQI Program Director
Alexandre Carter, Mentorship Program Director
Oksana Volshteyn, RIR Faculty Mentor
Maurizio Corbetta, Program Design Guidance