1st year clinical correlations in neurosciences selective

This selective is fairly unstructured, consisting of opportunities to shadow a variety of physicians in the neurosciences, including adult or pediatric neurologists, neurointensivists, neuroradiologists, neuropathologists, adult or pediatric neurosurgeons, and adult or pediatric psychiatrists. You may watch a nerve conduction study/electromyogram, brain or spine surgery, angiogram or interventional neuroradiological procedure, or brain cutting. You may review tapes and EEGs of patients being monitored for epilepsy or sleep disturbances. You may attend rounds or shadow a resident on call on neurology, pediatric neurology, neurosurgery, or psychiatry. There are also a number of conferences occurring throughout the week that you may choose to attend.

Although the course description indicates that we will meet weekly from 3-4:30, students in the past have generally opted against meeting as a group during the scheduled time, preferring to spend the rest of the course in the above shadowing and conference activities. If you are interested in more structured teaching, discussion of patient cases, or demonstration of neuro findings on our inpatients, just let me know.

Since this is primarily an enrichment activity, grades are pass-fail. You will all pass as long as you participate in at least 3 activities, contribute to the Google Docs selective reflections, and send me a brief summary of your shadowing/conference experiences so that I may provide feedback to the preceptors and next year’s selective participants.