Adult Neuro Residents

Edrington_L Lorraine Edrington
Neurology Residency Program Coordinator
IMG_1435 Lindsey Wooliscroft, MD and Elizabeth Silbermann, MD
Neurology Administrative Chief Residents
Soleimani-Meigooni_D David Soleimani-Meigooni, MD
Neurology Education Chief Resident

PGY – 4

Asher Albertson, MD PhD
Hometown: Casper, Wyoming
College: University of Wyoming
Medical School: University of Alabama at Birmingham
Sub-Specialty Interest: Neurocritical Care
Research: Synaptic physiology
Outside of the hospital: I enjoy spending time hiking with my dogs.
Matt Loftspring, MD PhD
Hometown: Cincinnati, Ohio
College: DePauw University
Medical School: University of Cincinnati
Sub-Specialty Interest: Stroke
Research: Inflammation after stroke and its effects on both injury and recovery.
Outside of the hospital: Running in Forest Park, watching sports, listening to live music.
 Silbermann_E Elizabeth Silbermann, MD
Hometown: Des Moines, Iowa
College: Brown University
Medical School: Brown University
Sub-Specialty Interest: undecided
Research: undecided
Outside of the hospital: coffee, cooking, photography and traveling as much as possible!
 Landsness_E Eric Landsness, MD PhD
Hometown: Portland, Oregon
College: University of Washington-Seattle
Medical School: University of Wisconsin
Subspecialty: Sleep
Research: Studying the role of sleep in neurological disease
Outside of the hospital: Married, 1 kid, love the outdoors, hiking, biking (mountain, cyclocross), bike commute 365 days a year. Live in the Italian district called “the Hill.”
Soleimani-Meigooni_D David Soleimani-Meigooni, MD
Hometown: Lexington, Kentucky
College: University of Louisville
Medical School: University of California, San Francisco (UCSF)
Sub-Specialty Interest: Still deciding. Fascinated by memory and immunology.
Research: I’m putting together a report on IL-7 therapy for JCV granule cell neuronopathy. I’m also working on implementing delirium prevention tools within the hospital.
Outside of the hospital: Cycling
Findlay_A Andrew Findlay, MD
Hometown: Berkeley, California
College: Univ. of California Santa Barbara
Medical School: UC Irvine
Sub-Specialty Interest: Neuromuscle
Research: Hereditary muscle disease
Outside of the hospital: Restaurants, bars, coffee shops, live music.
Evans_E Emily Evans, MD
Hometown: Erie, Pennsylvania
College: Tulane University
Medical School: The University of Pennsylvania
Sub-Specialty Interest: Still deciding, likely Multiple Sclerosis
Research: TBD
Outside of the hospital: Cooking (Currently experimenting with making ice creams), playing Board Games (Current obsession = Pandemic), Playing video games, Glass etching
Wooliscroft_L Lindsey, Wooliscroft, MD
Hometown: Carrollton, Texas
Undergraduate: Tulane University
Medical School: Texas Tech HSC
Sub-specialty or Research Interests: Undecided but considering Neuro-oncology and Palliative Care
Outside of the hospital: Bikram yoga, traveling, cooking, and bad television.

PGY – 3

Kim_A Albert Kim, MD
Hometown: Albany, GA
Undergraduate: Duke
Medical School: Medical College of Georgia/University of Pittsburgh
Sub-specialty or Research Interests: neuroimaging, dementia; perhaps neuro-ICU
Outside of the hospital: tennis, basketball, BBQ, foodie/craft beer, rock climbing
Obertenova_S Souzana Obertenova, MD
Undergraduate: Boston College
Medical School: Georgetown University School of Medicine
Sub-specialty or Research Interests: Undecided
Outside of the hospital: spending time with friends, cooking, movies, trips to the Forest Park zoo
John Younce, MD
Hometown: Raleigh/Cary/Chapel Hill, North Carolina
College: University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
Medical School: University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
Sub-Specialty Interest: Undecided (considering movement disorders)
Research: My primary research interest to date has been in studying the effects of deep brain stimulation in rodent models using evoked fMRI.
Outside of the Hospital: keeping my wife happy (Hi Dani!), but I also like to bike, watch basketball (fondly remembering the days when I still had a jump shot), play chess and strategy games on various electronic devices, occasionally cook something adventurous, and eat barbecue and authentic Mexican food. If you can find me a place serving a good bowl of pozole in STL, I will be forever in your debt.
Leah Robison, MD
Hometown: Schenectady, New York
College: Union College in Schenectady New York
Medical School: SUNY Upstate Medical University
Sub-Specialty Interest: Possibly Neurohospitalist
Research: n/a
Outside of the hospital: Art, picnics outside, Netflix.
Osvaldo Laurido-Soto, MD
Hometown: Guaynabo, Puerto Rico
College: University of Puerto Rico – Rio Piedras Campus
Medical School: Washington University in St. Louis School of Medicine
Sub-Specialty Interest: Movement or Sleep, still working on this one
Research: Memory/Consciousness
Outside of the hospital: Foodie, Mixology, Reading, and overall seeing new places.
Justin Long, MD PhD
Hometown: Indianapolis, Indiana
College: Indiana University – Bloomington
Medical School: Indiana University School of Medicine
Sub-Specialty Interest: Behavioral Neurology/Dementia
Research: During my PhD, I investigated gene regulatory mechanisms pertinent to Alzheimer disease, specifically focusing on the roles played by certain microRNAs in regulating expression of key gene products (APP and BACE1) implicated in the disease as a means of identifying novel drug targets. Moving forward I will focus on mechanisms of neurodegeneration.
Outside of the hospital: The remainder of my free time is spent with my wife and two kids.
James Giles, MD PhD
Hometown: London, United Kingdom
Medical School: The University of Manchester, UK
Sub-Specialty Interest: Stroke
Research: My PhD research was in neuro-inflammation, investigating mechanisms of neutrophil migration in acute ischemic stroke. I also have a strong interest in medical education and social theory, having undertaken research projects in peer-assisted learning, medical school admissions and residency training.
Outside of the hospital: I live in the Central West End with my girlfriend (a plastics resident at Barnes, also from England) and cat. We run a non-profit based in the UK that aims to widen the participation of under-represented minorities at UK medical schools. I enjoy making the most of Forest Park, and am still exploring St Louis and Missouri.
Leanne Stunkel, MD
Hometown: Bethel, Connecticut
College: Johns Hopkins University
Medical School: Weill Cornell Medical College
Sub-Specialty Interest: Neuro-ophthalmology
Outside of the hospital: Running, hiking, Forest Park activities, museums, exploring St. Louis with friends
Brendan Eby, MD
Hometown: Birmingham, AL
Undergraduate: University of Alabama
Medical School: University of Alabama School of Medicine (UAB)
Sub-specialty or Research Interests: Vascular Neurology, Stroke, Endovascular treatment of neurovascular disorders
Outside of the hospital: I like to play video games or watch Netflix , go to the gym or grab a beer. In the fall, you’ll catch me watching football (college and NFL), and in the spring, I’ll be out enjoying nice parks and gardens.

PGY – 2

Baker, Brandi Brandi Baker, MD, PhD
Hometown: Hollywood, FL
Undergraduate: University of Florida
Graduate: University of Alabama
Medical School: University of Alabama
Sub-specialty or Research Interests:
Outside of the hospital: yoga, running, biking, traveling, cooking, music, photography, and fishing
Margaret Blattner, MD, PhD
Hometown: St. Could, MN
Undergraduate: Wellesley College
Graduate: University of Illinois
Medical School: University of Illinois College of Medicine
Sub-specialty or Research Interests:
Outside of the hospital: English language tutoring, developing and implementing Neuroscience outreach programs for students in grade school and high school.
John Ciotti, MD
Hometown: Tampa, FL
Undergraduate: University of Florida
Medical School: Florida Atlantic University
Sub-Specialty or Research Interests:  Multiple Sclerosis
Outside of the Hospital: Playing/watching soccer, going to sporting events, and exploring St. Louis with my wife
Kalen Dionne, MD, PhD
Hometown: Peyton, CO
Undergraduate: Colorado College, Tzu Chi University
Graduate: University of Colorado
Medical School: University of Colorado School of Medicine
Sub-Specialty Interest:
Outside of the hospital: brewing beer; traveling, playing basketball, whitewater rafting, writing poetry, playing guitar, acrylic painting, hiking & mountain climbing, mountain biking, scuba diving, home renovation
Elyse Everett, MD
Hometown: Wexford, PA
Undergraduate: University of Pittsburgh
Graduate: University of Pittsburgh (Occupational Therapy
Medical School: Washington University in St. Louis School of Medicine
Sub-Specialty Interest: Neuro-Palliative Care
Outside of the hospital: reading and spending time with my amazing husband and son
Lindsay Frerichs, MD
Hometown: Sheboygan, WI
Undergraduate: Iowa State University
Medical School: University of Texas School of Medicine
Sub-Specialty Interest:
Outside of the hospital: Reading, swimming, and golfing
Ethan Hoang, MD
Hometown: Houston, TX
Undergraduate: University of Texas-Austin
Medical School: Texas A&M College of Medicine
Sub-Specialty Interest: Neuroinfectious disease / Neuroimmunology
Research: .
Outside of the hospital: staying active, working out, running half marathons, taking my dog to Forest Park, exploring new restaurants
Alan Plotzker, MD
Hometown: Newark, DE
Undergraduate: University of Pennsylvania
Medical School: Washington University in St. Louis School of Medicine
Sub-Specialty Interest:
Outside of the hospital: I’ve loved cooking ever since I was a child and my father would have me be his “sous chef.” There’s infinite room for creativity, and there’s something almost magical about taking a bunch of powders and liquids and turning them into, say, cinnamon rolls. I also play chess, I’m an avid NFL fan, and I’m very interested in health care policy and economics.
Wang Yan Wang, MD
Hometown: St. Louis, MO
Undergraduate: Washington University in St. Louis
Medical School: University of Chicago Division of the Biological Sciences
The Pritzker School of Medicine
Sub-specialty or Research Interests:
Outside of the hospital: Pottery, Netflix, Tennis
Anson Wilks, MD
Hometown: New York, NY
Undergraduate: Vanderbilt University
Medical School: New York Medical College
Sub-specialty or Research Interests:
Outside of the hospital: Skiing is my favorite pastime and has been ever since I was five years old living in New Hampshire where my lower school would take the students on Fridays for skiing lessons in the winter months. Every year I try to make at least one trip to the ski slopes and often travel out West. I have visited Utah on family vacations during the Sundance Film Festival during which I skied during the day and enjoyed the various films, another hobby of mine, being shown during the Festival at night.
One of the greatest resources of your PGY-2 year is our valuable team of nurse practitioners, pictures left to right, Emily Daniel, Becky Hopfinger, and Carliss Garrett.

One of the greatest resources of your PGY-2 year is our valuable team of nurse practitioners, pictures left to right, Emily Daniel, Becky Hopfinger, and Carliss Garrett.