Robert Fucetola, PhD

Associate Professor of Neurology



Additional Titles

  • Chief, Clinical Neuropsychology

Board Certifications

  • Clinical Neuropsychology - Certified

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  • Young Investigator’s Award, National Alliance Research on Schizophrenia and Depression (NARSAD) 1998


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Dr. Fucetola is originally from Annapolis, Maryland. In 1998, he joined the faculty in the Department of Neurology at Washington University School of Medicine. He is currently an Associate Professor of Neurology and Chief of Clinical Neuropsychology in the Stroke and Brain Injury Rehabilitation Section. Dr. Fucetola provides evaluation and treatment to patients with stroke, traumatic brain injury, dementia, and other brain disorders. Dr. Fucetola has a special interest in sports-related concussion, and is the consulting neuropsychologist to the St. Louis Blues.

Dr. Fucetola also directs the Evidence Based Aphasia Clinic (EBAC) with behavioral neurologist Dr. Maurizio Corbetta. The EBAC is a specialty clinic for the evaluation and treatment of patients with aphasia due to stroke or other neurological conditions. Dr. Fucetola is actively involved in research projects involving aphasia, brain injury/concussion and practices forensic neuropsychology.