Nicole J Werner, PhD

Associate Professor of Neurology



Board Certifications

  • Clinical Neuropsychology - Certified

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Dr. Werner is an Associate Professor of Neurology and a board certified neuropsychologist in the Stroke and Brain Injury Section of the Department. She provides assessment services for patients with epilepsy, traumatic brain injury, stroke, dementia, multiple sclerosis and other neurological disorders. She is particularly interested in traumatic brain injury and epilepsy and she regularly evaluates patients at The Rehabilitation Institute of St. Louis. She is also involved in the NFL Neurological Care Program for retired NFL players. Although she is a full time clinical faculty member, she is also the consulting neuropsychologist on projects investigating cognition in blast related traumatic brain injury, multiple sclerosis, and epilepsy at Washington University School of Medicine.

Dr. Werner is a member of the Professional Advisory Board of the Epilepsy Foundation St. Louis Region (2007-current). She also serves as a mentor and work sample reviewer for the American Board of Professional Psychology-Clinical Neuropsychology