LinLin Tian, MD, PhD

Instructor in Neurology



  • The First Prize of Chinese Medical Science and Technology Award, China Association of Chinese Medicine, 2008
  • Awards for Excellence in Research and Scholarship, Beijing Institute of Radiation Medicine, 2008.


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We are interested in the development and validation of neuroimaging biomarkers. To develop and test new interventions to slow Parkinson disease (PD) progression, we must be able to measure disease progression objectively. Unfortunately, we don’t have such validated biomarkers with PD and other movement disorders.

We seek to understand whether any of the available PET markers truly reflects the loss of the number of nigrostriatal neurons in a preclinical model. To do these studies, we use PET, MRI and a variety of in vitro methods to quantify nigrostriatal neurons. These studies might help us to interpret previous studies that have used these radiotracers and found discordant results compared to clinical measures of disease progression.