Catherine Roe, PhD

Associate Professor of Neurology


Research Interests

  • Preclinical Alzheimer disease
  • CSF and imaging biomarkers of Alzheimer disease
  • Driving performance in older adults with and without preclinical Alzheimer disease
  • Non-cognitive outcomes of Alzheimer disease
  • Cognitive and brain reserve
  • Alzheimer disease and cancer
  • Mood, stress, sensation, and physical abilities in relation to Alzheimer disease

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2015    Mentor of the Year Award, the Institute of Clinical and Translational Sciences’ Master’s Program in Clinical Investigation, Washington University

2014    Invited lectureship, Preclinical AD Biomarkers are Associated with Poorer Driving Performance: Preliminary Results, International Neuropsychological Society, Seattle, Washington

2014    Invited lectureship, Biomarkers and AD & Relationship between Alzheimer Pathology and Cognitive Reserve, Sociedad de Neurologia Psiquiatria y Neurocirugia, Puerto Varas, Chile

2012    Institute of Public Health Scholar, Washington University

2011    Visiting Scholar, Universidad de Chile

2010    Peer Group Mentoring Program for Women Faculty, Washington University

2010    Invited lectureship, Alzheimer’s and Cognitive Reserve: Effects with Amyloid Imaging, International Neuropsychological Society, Acapulco, Mexico

2010    Invited lectureship, PreMCI, AD, and Cognitive Reserve, Mild Cognitive Impairment Symposium, Miami Beach, Florida

2009    Dorismae and Harvey A. Friedman Award for Excellence in Patient-Oriented Care, Education, or Research on Aging or Aging Issues from the Harvey A. Friedman Center for Aging at Washington University

2007    NIA Butler-Williams Scholars Program (formerly the National Institute on Aging 2007 Summer Institute on Aging Research)

2005    National Alzheimer’s Coordinating Center Junior Investigator Award


  • PhD (Clinical Psychology & Experimental Psychology): Southern Illinois University, Carbondale, IL (1992)
  • Post-doctoral mentored training program (Clinical Investigation): Washington University, St. Louis, MO (2010)

Clinical Interests

Catherine Roe, PhD, is Associate Professor in the Department of Neurology at Washington University School of Medicine. Before coming to WU, Roe did clinical research using very large databases of medical and pharmacy claims at Express Scripts, Inc. Roe holds a patent as Co-inventor of The Assessing Dementia-8 (AD8): The Washington University Dementia Screening Test. In addition to being Associate Editor for the Journal of Alzheimer’s Disease, she is also Associate Editor for BMC Neurology’s Dementias Section, and is an ad hoc reviewer for numerous scientific journals.  Roe is the Principal Investigator of an R01 examining preclinical Alzheimer disease in relation to functional outcomes such as driving, as well as mood, stress, physical abilities, and sensation.


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