Carla M Yuede, Ph.D

Assistant Professor of Neurology



  • Postdoctoral Fellow, Neuroscience: Washington University School of Medicine, St. Louis, MO (2011)
  • Doctor of Philosophy, Behavioral Neuroscience: University of Missouri, St. Louis, MO (2006)
  • Bachelor of Science, Psychology/Biomedical Science: Missouri State University (2000)

Research Interests

The rapidly increasing incidence of Alzheimer’s disease (AD) in our society highlights the necessity for a more complete understanding of its development and progression so effective treatments can be designed. My approach to AD research involves combining techniques to find novel ways to uncover aspects about the disease process. Using an interdisciplinary approach to study biological processes from different angles gives us a more complete picture and will facilitate strategies to minimize or eliminate the symptoms of the disease.

Accumulation of toxic Aβ in the brain is believed to be the primary cause of the cognitive and behavioral symptoms of AD. Synaptic activity is responsible for at least 70% of Aβ production in the brain, however the mechanisms underlying this relationship are not fully understood. Our research focuses on the factors influencing brain Aβ dynamics in mouse models of AD, particularly in relation to synaptic activity. We have developed novel micro-immunoelectrodes to measure Aβ with increased temporal resolution in the brains of living mice. Like the in vivo microdialysis technique developed in our lab, these methods provide unique routes to address issues concerning how Aβ levels change over time and with different conditions. Using these techniques we can monitor Aβ kinetics in the context of aging, behavior, drug treatment and genetic manipulation to identify mechanisms governing the relationship between synaptic activity and Aβ production in vivo. Our long-term goal is to understand the pathways and risk factors involved in Aβ generation and accumulation in the brain, with the hope of identifying effective therapeutic targets.

As part of the Animal Behavior Core at Washington University, I am involved in helping investigators design and interpret behavioral function in many animal models of disease. Coming from a behavioral neuroscience background, I have extensive experience with different animal models and tests of behavioral function, specifically analyzing ways in which cognitive function can be altered by manipulating brain function through neurotransmitter systems using genetics or pharmacology. This approach gives us opportunities to understand genetic involvement in behavioral function and to screen treatments that will influence the symptoms of the disease under investigation. My research interests involve behavioral phenotyping of new genetic models, as well as evaluating functional effects of specific treatment strategies on diverse models of neurological disorders.


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Invited publications:

Yuede CM, Taylor GT. Biological Bases of Shyness: Animal models of Social Phobia. In Social Phobia:

Eitology, Diagnosis and Treatment.  Nova Science Publishers. 2008 New York, NY