Resident Education


During the summer months, a special series of Resident Teaching Conferences (“Summerstocks”) are held, focusing on the management of common neurological emergencies. This special teaching conference aims to help our new PGY-2 residents quickly acquire a needed understanding of key acute diagnostic and therapeutic techniques, as well as a crash course in Neuroradiology. Practical clinical management is emphasized. The “Little Red Book of Neurology,” which is the Wash U Neurology equivalent of Pocket Medicine, is updated every year by the Chief Residents and provided to anyone rotating through the neurology service.

Daily Didactics

There are daily Neurology Attending Rounds at BJH South Campus and at St. Louis Children's Hospital. The faculty throughout the year provides the Clinical Neuroscience and Evidence-Based Stroke Lecture Series. Morning report is held on Wednesdays and Thursdays in the presence of senior faculty. Monthly noontime conferences include EEG reading conference, EMG conference, and Radiology Power Hour. The table summarizes the structure of didactic sessions:

  Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
AM   Brain Cutting Conference Morning Report/EMG Conference Morning Report Grand Rounds

Quality Improvement

Neuromuscle Conference


EBM/Stroke Lectures

CNS Lectures

Clinical Neuroscience Lecture


Journal Club

Residents as Teachers

EEG Conference

Lunch and Learn



Neurology Grand Rounds

Grand Rounds occur weekly in conjunction with Neurosurgery, Neuropathology, Neuro-Ophthalmology and Neuroradiology. The joint participation of these other services together with Neurology in this weekly clinical highlight conference is emblematic of the spirit of collaboration that pervades Washington University, and permits the conference to seek definitive, interdisciplinary conclusions regarding the optimal management of specific patients or disease conditions. Visiting professors and other outside lecturers enrich this conference on a regular basis. The residents themselves select three distinguished guest lecturers per year, which are incorporated into Neurology Grand Rounds.


Brain-Cutting Conference is held weekly at BJH. Brain-Cutting Conference is held by the Neuropathology Department and consists of presenting the clinical history and imaging of patients, followed by the review of gross specimen cross sections to aid in the diagnosis.

Career Development

“Meeting of the Brains” sessions are held once a month with participation of faculty at different stages of their academic carrier and previous graduates of the program practicing neurology in various settings.

Other lectures and conferences

  • Hope Center Neuroscience Conference: Monday noon
  • ADRC Research Conference: Tuesday noon
  • Neuromuscular Grand Rounds: Wednesday mornings
  • Nerve/Muscle Biopsy Readout: Wed PM and Sat AM
  • Neurophysiology lecture series: Wednesday PM
  • Movement Disorders Journal Club: Thursday PM
  • Epilepsy Surgery Conference: Thursday mornings
  • Epilepsy Journal Club: Thursday mornings
  • The Department hosts several named lectureships, including the Bishop, Gitt, Landau, and Levy Lectureships.