Adult Neuro Residents

Lorraine Edrington 
Sr. Neurology Residency Program Coordinator

Kelly Todd
Residency Assistant 


Matthew Brier, MD, PhD and Mysti Harrison, MD

2020-2021 Academic Chief Residents

Jamie Holloman, MD 

2020-2021 Education Chief Resident

Mary Wren, MD

2020-2021 QI Chief Resident

Jonathan Williams, MD

2020-2021 Wellness Chief Resident

PGY – 4


Matthew Brier, MD, PhD

Hometown: Allen, TX
Undergraduate: University of Texas at Dallas
Medical School: Washington University in St. Louis
Sub-specialty Interests: Neurodegenerative Disease
Research Interests: Functional neuroimaging
Outside of the hospital: taking care of the dog, whiskey, video games, time with friends

Kimystian “Mysti” Harrison, MD

Hometown: Jackson, MS
Undergraduate: Tougaloo College
Graduate: Mississippi College
Medical School: University of Mississippi Medical Center
Sub-Specialty or Research Interests: Neuroimmunology/MS, Behavioral Neurology/Dementia
Outside of the Hospital: I enjoy spending time with my family and friends, exploring St. Louis, trying new restaurants, eating, traveling and watching NFL football.

Nigel Harrison, MD

Hometown: Edmonton, Alberta
Undergraduate: University of Alberta
Medical School: University of Dublin
Sub-Specialty Interests: Movement Disorders
Research Interests: Deep brain stimulation, dystonia, and early clinical detection in Parkinson's disease
Outside of the Hospital: I enjoy cycling to the numerous local breweries, walking my dog in forest park or the numerous nearby state parks, and prior to COVID enjoying the local music scene. 

Robert “BJ” Heuermann, MD, PhD

Hometown: St. Louis, MO
Undergraduate: Washington University – St. Louis
Medical School: Northwestern
Sub-Specialty Interest: possibly Movement Disorders or Epilepsy
Research Interests: For my PhD work I studied HCN channels and their involvement in mouse models of epilepsy and depression, and plan to continue with basic/translational research in residency and beyond.
Outside of the hospital: The vast majority of my time goes to my wonderful wife keeping our 2 boys alive. Otherwise, I try to get an occasional soccer game and explore the burgeoning St. Louis craft beer scene.

Jameson “Jamie” Holloman, MD

Hometown: Rye, New York
Undergraduate: Georgetown University
Medical School: Georgetown University Medical School
Sub-Specialty & Research Interests: Multiple Sclerosis
Outside of the hospital: Any and all outdoor activities (biking, running, pickle ball, raquetball, golf, competitive picnicking), improv comedy, and reading.

Jeet Kapadia, MD

Hometown: Regina, SK
Undergraduate: University of Saskatchewan - Saskatoon, Saskatchewan
Medical School: St. Matthew's University School of Medicine
Research Interests: 
Outside of the hospital: 

Angela Liu, MD

Hometown: Pittsburgh, PA
Undergraduate: Harvard
Medical School: Temple University
Sub-Specialty Interests: General Neurology, since I'm too indecisive to commit to one subspecialty.
Research Interests: I have dabbled in stroke research, but my current project involves Botox for trigeminal neuralgia. 
Outside of the hospital:  Honing my domestic skills, exploring restaurants and wineries in the area, rediscovering tennis, traveling and people watching.

Shahvaiz Magsi, MD

Hometown: Karachi, Pakistan
Undergraduate: D.J. Sindh Government Science College, Karachi
Medical School: Baqai Medical University, Karachi
Sub-specialty: Vascular Neurology and Epilepsy
Research Interests: Stroke prevention, neurorehabilitation and  rare causes of stroke including stroke associated syndromes
Outside of the hospital: Browsing through the news, travelling and exploring, reading medieval fiction, Netflix, experimenting in the kitchen and Music

Yunshuo “Caroline” Tang, MD, PhD

Hometown: Hangzhou, China
Undergraduate: UC Berkeley
Medical School: University of California – San Francisco
Sub-Specialty Interests: neuro-ophthalmology, epilepsy, stroke
Research Interests: plasticity and regeneration
Outside of the hospital: I enjoy good Asian food, gardening, cat-sitting, mixing fountain pen inks, and making person care products. When I’m in front of the screen I pass time watching soccer games, detective/police TV drama, Japanese anime, and playing RPG games. Want to learn fishing, especially curious about noodling…

Jonathan Williams, MD

Hometown: Harare, Zimbabwe
Undergraduate: University of Florida (Mathematics)
Medical School: Howard University
Sub-specialty Interests: Epilepsy (final answer). I also find many other sub-specialties interesting (Movement disorders, neuro-ophthalmology, etc)  
Outside of the hospital: My favorite hobby of all is playing with my son, Levi, who is my greatest souvenir from residency. I love to cook (although my wife has superior skills). I have gotten into gardening recently. My affinity for Japanese manga or anime has only been strengthened by my time at Wash U. I do kick-boxing, biking, running and other outdoor activities. I recently stopped doing in-person gyms for obvious reasons (but life can be a gym with the right equipment).  Most recently, I learned how to sew (clothes, masks, neurology tool bags, etc) with YouTube. I love music--I play classical guitar, bass, and trumpet.  Currently, my son and I are learning how to play piano.  Since starting residency, a new growing passion for me has been finding my center and a way to maintain wellness in any environment. This is important to me now more than ever. 

Mary Wren, MD

Hometown: Cleveland, OH
Undergraduate: Washington & Lee University
Medical School: Wake Forest School of Medicine
Sub-specialty: Neuromuscular medicine
Outside of the hospital: One of my favorite things to do in St. Louis is to go to the Botanical Garden- it truly is amazing! Now that we're spending more time at home, I have been enjoying gardening and supporting the local craft brewery scene at home with my husband.

PGY – 3


Jordan Amar, MD

Hometown: Woodland Hills, CA
Undergraduate: University of California, Los Angeles
Graduate: Northwestern University (MS, Neurobiology)
Medical School: Lewis Katz School of Medicine at Temple University
Sub-specialty interests: Epilepsy/EEG, intra-operative neuromonitoring; maybe stroke 
Research Interests: My background is in auditory-evoked potentials, with a few years of benchwork prior to that.  My project interests right now are in non-convulsive status, neuroepidemiology, and EEG biomarkers.
Outside of the hospital: Racquetball, running through Forest Park, football season (Go Bruins!), trying new restaurants, and hanging out with my 10 classmates who are all very fun, very smart people.

Christopher Anderson, MD

Hometown: New Orleans, LA
Undergraduate: Tulane University
Medical School: Louisiana State University Health Sciences Center - New Orleans
Sub-specialty: Headache/Pain Medicine, Neuromuscular, Neuro-immunology, Sleep Medicine, Behavioral
Research Interests: Clinical trials, quality improvement
Outside of the hospital: Committed indoorsman. Netflix, video games, Sci Fi/Fantasy, board-games. Will leave my apartment for restaurants and going out from time to time

Matthew Baer, MD, PhD

Hometown: Brooklyn, NY
Undergraduate: University of Virginia - Charlottesville, Virginia
Graduate: Virginia Commonwealth University
Medical School: Virginia Commonwealth University School of Medicine
Sub-specialty: Neuro-ophthalmology, neuromuscular disorders, circadian rhythm disorders
Research Interests: Biostatistics
Outside of the hospital: Cycling, architecture, cooking, photography, zymurgy, obscure words, history of railroads, calligraphy, origami

Nathan Farkas, MD

Hometown: New York, NY
Undergraduate: Macaulay Honors Collegeat CUNY Queens College
Medical School: State University of New York Downstate Medical Center College of Medicine
Research Interests: 
Outside of the hospital: 

Eva Klinman, MD, PhD

Hometown: Washington, DC
Undergraduate: Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Medical School: Perelman School of Medicine at the University of Pennsylvania
Sub-specialty: primarily research, interest in cognitive, movement, neuromuscle and neuro-opthamology
Research Interests: Background in imaging and plan to continue to examine the pathways that sick and aging neurons take to fall apart.
Outside of the hospital: Hanging out with my husband and co-residents, nail art, two fresh-water aquariums, estate sales, board games.  Love eating, although I am a terrible cook.

Joshua Newman, MD

Hometown: Baltimore, MD
Undergraduate: University of Virginia
Medical School: Georgetown University School of Medicine
Sub-specialty: Neurocritical care, Stroke, Neuroimmunology
Research Interests: TBD
Outside of the hospital: Exploring local bars and restaurants, golf, Forest Park, City Museum, videogames

Joshua Okonkwo, MD

Hometown: Hartford, CT
Undergraduate: Yale University
Medical School: Columbia University College of Physicians and Surgeons
Research Interests: 
Outside of the hospital: 

Enmanuel Perez Martinez, MD, PhD

Hometown: San Juan, PR
Undergraduate: University of Puerto Rico-Rio Piedras
Medical School: University of Miami Leonard M. Miller School of Medicine
Sub-specialty: Academic Neurology, Neurocritical Care, Sports Neurology
Research Interests: Neuro-glial interface - it's role in brain psysiology and pathophysiologic processes (basic science and translational research); traumatic brain injury; other 

Christopher Ray, MD

Hometown: Florence, AL
Undergraduate: Vanderbilt University
Medical School: University of Alabama - Birmingham
Sub-specialty: Neurohospitalist
Research Interests: writing up interesting patients
Outside of the hospital: I love playing ultimate frisbee and running, and have completed several half marathons. I enjoy cooking as well, and occasionally try to paint with watercolor and gouache. My wife and I are active at our church, and spend lots of time playing with our bunny and guinea pigs when we’re home.

Drew Roach, MD

Hometown: Chicago, IL
Undergraduate: Kansas State University
Medical School: University of Kansas School of Medicine-Wichita
Sub-specialty: Currently undecided but possibly neuroimmunology, neuroinfectious disease, or neuromuscular
Research Interests: TBD
Outside of the hospital: I spend a lot of my free time hanging out with my wife and our Italian Greyhound, mainly in Forest Park and the Central West End.  I also enjoy watching sports, going to see live music, and traveling.

Mani Valtcheva, MD, PhD

Hometown: Plovdiv, BGR
Undergraduate: University of Georgia
Medical School: Washington University in St. Louis School of Medicine
Research Interests: 
Outside of the hospital: 



Michael Butler, MD

Hometown: Cartersville, GA
Undergraduate: Georgia Institute of Technology
Medical School: University of Oklahoma College of Medicine
Sub-specialty: Headache, Stroke
Research Interests: Migraine, primary stroke prevention
Outside of the hospital: Running, Swimming, exploring the city with my fiance and dog, going to the zoo and local parks and skiing

Luis De Carvalho Paixao, BMBCh, MSc

Hometown: V. N. Gaia, Porto, Portugal
Undergraduate: University College London 
Graduate: University of Oxford
Medical School: University of Oxford
Sub-specialty: Considering Dementia
Research Interests: Brain age biomarkers and therapies, Alzheimer's disease, delirium, preventive neurology, clinical trials
Outside of the hospital: Latin dance, Lindy hop, yoga, cycling, exploring St. Louis museums and music scene, traveling 

William Everett, MD

Hometown: Morton, Mississippi
Undergraduate: Washington University in St. Louis School of Medicine
Medical School: Washington University in St. Louis School of Medicine
Sub-specialty: Considering neuromuscle or movement disorders
Research Interests: TBD
Outside of the hospital: I spend most of my free time with my wife, Elyse, a recent WUSM Neuro residency alumna, and our children, Roland and Adelaide.  Other interests include guitar/piano, cooking, weightlifting and linguistics.

Amy Lin, MD, MPH

Hometown: Los Angeles, CA
Undergraduate: Harvard University
Graduate: Keck School of Medicine of the University of Southern California
Medical School: Keck School of Medicine of the University of Southern California
Sub-specialty: Undecided
Research Interests: Stroke prevention
Outside of the hospital: Baking, exploring gardens, visiting the St. Louis Zoo

Christina Overmann, MD

Hometown: Franklin, IL
Undergraduate: Southern Illinois University Edwardsville
Medical School: University of Illinois College of Medicine - Rockford
Sub-specialty: General Neurology
Research Interests: TBD
Outside of the hospital: Spending time with my husband and our son, dogs, and cat.  When I'm not busy doing that, I enjoy doing anything crafty and exploring restaurants in the area.

Arjun Padalia, MD

Hometown: Sarasota, FL
Undergraduate: University of North Carolina
Medical School: University of Central Florida College of Medicine
Sub-specialty: Neurohospitalist, Stroke, or Neurocritical Care
Research Interests: TBD
Outside of the hospital: Watching TV, reading, eating, and playing video games with my twin brother, Kishan

Min Qiao, MD

Hometown: Carmel, IN
Undergraduate: Indiana University School of Medicine
Medical School: Indiana University School of Medicine
Sub-specialty: still deciding but currently neuro-ICU, neuromuscle, or movement disorders
Research Interests: TBD
Outside of the hospital: I enjoy cooking and trying new recipes, love trying new restaurants, teaching my odg new tricks, running, hiking, painting, sketching and drawing.

Michelle Rudman, MD, PhD

Hometown: Houston, TX
Undergraduate: University of South Carolina at Columbia
Medical School: University of Miami Leonard M. Miller School of Medicine
Research Interests: 
Outside of the hospital: 

Arup Sarma, MD, PhD

Hometown: Vineland, NJ
Undergraduate: Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Medical School: University of Chicago - Pritzker School of Medicine
Research Interests: 
Outside of the hospital: 

Ana Vaquer, MD, PhD

Hometown: San Juan, PR
Undergraduate: University of Puerto Rico
Medical School: University of Puerto Rico School of Medicine
Sub-specialty: Most likely Cognivite/Behavior
Research Interests: Dementia
Outside of the hospital: I love the beach but will transition to lakes here in Missouri.  I also enjoy baking, and most importantly, spending time with my dogs Lune, Sam and Kiko.

Wendy Xiao, MD

Hometown: Nashua, NH
Undergraduate: Dartmouth College
Medical School: New York University School of Medicine
Sub-specialty: Undecided
Research Interests: TBD
Outside of the hospital: Running, weightlifting, hiking, and skiing



Ravi Chopra, MD, PhD

Hometown: Kenilworth, IL
Undergraduate: Northwestern University
Graduate: University of Michigan
Medical School: University of Michigan 
Sub-specialty: Undecided, but likely Neuromuscular, Movement, or Cognitive
Research Interests: Ion channel biology in neurodegenerative disease, cell fate/type, homeostatic excitability
Outside of the hospital: Spending time with my family, running, hiking, playing soccer

Jesse Crayle, MD

Hometown: The Triangle, NC
Undergraduate: University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
Medical School: Duke University
Sub-specialty: TBD
Research Interests: neuromuscular (especially ALS), neuro-ID, neuroimmunology
Outside of the hospital: You can find me cooking 6-course meals, baking desserts, playing guitar, weight-lifting, doing home improvement projects and petting animals.

Maren Gregerson, MD, PhD

Undergraduate: Macalester College
Medical School: Tulane University
Research Interests: 
Outside of the hospital: 

Tina Kiguradze, MD

Hometown: Nizhny Novgorod, Russia
Undergraduate: Florida Institute of Technology
Medical School: University of Central Florida
Sub-specialty: Considering dementia, movement disorders, general neurology, academic neurology
Research Interests: Cognitive neurology, Alzheimer's disease, neuroregeneration, neuropsychiatry, and toxicology
Outside of the hospital: Animal rescue, running, weight lifting, traveling

Gabrielle Lindley, MD

Hometown: Daphne, AL
Undergraduate: University of Alabama
Medical School: University of Alabama
Sub-specialty: TBD
Research Interests: Cognitive and Behavioral Neurology, Neuro-infectious Diseases, Neuroimmunology
Outside of the hospital: Exploring local breweries and restaurants, gardening and botany, cooking, singing, linguistics, reading and writing, petting all the local dogs of St. Louis, and spending time with family and friends. 

Sneha Narasimhan, MD, PhD

Hometown: Allentown, PA
Undergraduate: University of Pennsylvania
Graduate: University of Pennsylvania
Medical School: University of Pennsylvania
Sub-specialty: dementia, movement disorders
Research Interests: neurodegeneration (Alzheimer's, FTD)
Outside of the hospital:  Hiking/camping, big foodie, marital arts

Kristina Rankine, MD

Hometown: Manchester, Jamaica
Undergraduate: Georgia Southern University
Medical School: Charles E. Schmidt College of Medicine at Florida Atlantic University
Sub-specialty: Undecided
Research Interests: Dementia, Neuroimmunology and Neuro ID
Outside of the hospital: Avid anime-watcher, music lover, poolside lounger/swimmer and anything at Forest Park

Shashika Rodrigo, MD

Hometown: Houston, TX
Undergraduate: University of Texas at Austin
Medical School: University of Texas Medical Branch at Galveson
Sub-specialty: To be determined
Research Interests: To be determined
Outside of the hospital: Cooking delicious vegan food, baking sweet treats, biking around St. Louis and walking in Tower Grove Park with my husband.

Georgia Shelton, MD

Undergraduate: Harvard University
Graduate:  University of Texas
Medical School: The University of Texas Southwestern 
Research Interests: 
Outside of the hospital: 

Hannah Wang, MD

Hometown: Edmond, OK
Undergraduate: Cornell University
Medical School: University of Oklahoma
Sub-specialty: TBD
Research Interests: TBD
Outside of the hospital: Trying out different restaurants/cafes, discovering cool places in St. Louis, spending time with family/friends, watching short cooking videos and anime.

Wei Zhao, MD

Hometown: Changsha, China
Undergraduate: China Parmaceutical University
Graduate: Drexel University
Medical School: Albert Einstein College of Medicine
Sub-specialty: have not decided
Research Interests: rare disease diagnosis and treatment, post-stroke rehabilitation, etiologies of ischemic and hemorrhagic strokes, statistics in medicine, genetics and genomics studies
Outside of the hospital: aviation (I don't have a license yet), watching documentaries, running

One of the greatest resources of your PGY-2 year is our valuable team of nurse practitioners, pictures left to right, Emily Daniel, Becky Hopfinger, and Carliss Garrett.