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Message from the Program Director

B. Joy Snider, MD, PhD
Adult Neurology Residency Program Director​

Congratulations!  You have decided to be a neurologist and now have the exciting task of finding the perfect residency, and thanks to COVID-19, have to do so in the first ever fully virtual residency interview season.  We are excited and honored to take this journey with you.  We hope that you strongly consider Washington University for your residency training.  Our program has a very simple goal — to help each resident discover their passion in neurology and to provide the educational, personal and professional resources for residents to succeed in residency, fellowship and beyond. 

What makes our residency special?

  1. Our residents: Check out our current residents and our alumni. They are an accomplished and diverse group and include leaders in clinical care, research and education.  Our graduates are on the faculty of leading medical schools and are in private practice around the country.  Our goal is to recruit a diverse group of residents who want to become astute and caring clinicians. We welcome U.S. and international graduates, those with academic and basic science aspirations and those who are looking for clinical careers in academic or community settings.

  2. Our faculty: The Department of Neurology has about 160 faculty members with international leaders in nearly every subspecialty area. We also have a relatively unique resource in our general neurology section, a group of outstanding clinicians, most of whom have had successful private clinical practices, who share their expertise and experience to insure our residents are well-rounded neurologists.

  3. Our training program: We provide outstanding clinical training.  The intern year and PGY2 year provide a strong grounding in the management of neurological disorders in both the inpatient and outpatient settings.  In the PGY3 and PGY4 years, residents develop confidence, independence and leadership skills as they have increasing autonomy and lead our consultation and inpatient teams.  Residents use the 11 months of electives in the PGY3 and PGY4 years to customize their residency, with options including a focus on clinical or translational research, neurology subspecialties or general neurology or on education or global neurology. 

  4. Our institutions: Barnes Jewish Hospital is one of the top ten hospitals in the U.S., particularly in neuroscience specialties, and Washington University is a top tier research institution with an incredible wealth of resources and expertise in neuroscience. We have consistently been in the top five institutions in terms of NIH support for research for over 20 years.

When choosing a residency program, it’s important to know who you’ll be working with and getting a sense if we are a great fit for you. Below is a list of pre-recorded topics from several of our researchers and subspecialty experts here in the Department of Neurology.

Pre-recorded Topics: