Therapy for MS

What are the basic approaches to therapy?

There are 3 basic approaches to therapy in MS

  • Shorten exacerbations and expedite the return to a remission.
  • Prevent future worsening
  • Provide symptomatic relief for the disabilities caused by MS

The most common approach to treating a patient who has worsened sufficiently to impair function is to use some form of corticosteroids. Many of our patients have benefited greatly from periodic treatment consisting of intravenous methylprednisoline and rehabilitation technique therapies

Treatments aimed at the underlying disease process to prevent future worsening are available for some types of MS and are being researched in clinical trials for other types of MS.

Treatments to relieve symptoms are very valuable to the MS patient, even if they do not directly affect the disease process. We believe that our multidisciplinary team can improve the life style of our patients so that they can maximize the use of body functions that are healthy. Symptomatic treatments, for example, can help pain, stiffness, tremor, fatigue, bowel and bladder function and activities of daily living in general