Grand Rounds Schedule

We are excited to begin the 2020-2021 Neurology Grand Rounds series  virtually via Zoom Meetings, on Friday, September 4th.   If you are interested in attending, please email the Education Coordinator for the login.

Each Grand Rounds will have a QR code that will direct you to the CME site where you can check attendance for that lecture. IPhone and Android users may use cameras and others will need to download a QR barcode reader app. If for some reason someone is unable to get in, please emailthe Education Coordinator.  Please use your WUSLT email address.


September 3, 2021 "Controversies in Idiopathic Intracranial Hypertension/ Pseudotumor Cerebri"
Dr. Greg Van Stavern
September 10, 2021

“Solving Immune Myopathies:  Muscle Pathology & Serum Autoantibodies”
Dr. Alan Pestronk

September 17, 2021

"Department of Neurology: Past, Present and Future"
Dr. Jin-Moo Lee

September 24, 2021

Adult Resident CPC
One-Liner: A 47-year-old man with subacute leg and hand weakness 
Disussant: Dr. Bob Bucelli
PGY4 Chris Anderson, Josh Newman, Joshua Okonkwo, Drew Roach

October 1, 2021 No Grand Rounds/Neuroscience Retreat
October 8, 2021 “Aducanumab therapy for Alzheimer Disease-What’s all the fuss?”   
Dr. Joel Perlmutter
Dr. Joy Snider
Dr. Erik Musiek
Memory & Aging
October 15, 2021 No Grand Rounds/ANA
October 22, 2021 Dr. Jeff Neul
Rett Syndrome
October 29, 2021 Syndromes and Mechanisms of Synaptic Autoimmune Diseases
Dr. Josep Dalmau
Adult Neuro Resident Invited Speaker
November 5, 2021 "Examining neurophysiology and cerebral blood flow with EEG in critically ill children"
Dr. Rej Guerriero
Peds Neuro
November 12, 2021 Dr. Larry Eisenman
Updates on Pregnancy in Epilepsy
November 19, 2021

Dr. Enrique Alvarez

November 26, 2021

No Grand Rounds/Thanksgiving

December 3, 2021 Sleep in neurodevelopmental disorders: progressing toward rational therapeutics
Dr. Amy Licis
December 10, 2021 Adult Resident CPC
December 17, 2021 Dr. Angela Hirbe
Neuro Onc
December 24, 2021
  No Grand Rounds/Winter Break
December 31, 2021 No Grand Rounds/Winter Break
January  7, 2022 Dr. Brian Appleby
Adult Neuro Resident Invited Speaker
January14, 2022

Adult Resident CPC

January 21, 2022 COI Discussion 
Dr. Joel Perlmutter, Allan Fellars, Jeneane Braden
January 28, 2022 Biology of Essential Tremor: Studying the Underpinnings of the Second Most Common Neurodegenerative Disease
Dr. Elan Louis
Gitt Lecture
February 4, 2022

Dr. Gregg Day
Neuro ID

February 11, 2022

Dr. Mwiza Ushe

February 18, 2022 No Grand Rounds/RITE Exam
February 25, 2022

Dr. Asher Albertson

March 4, 2022

Dr. Noma Dlamini
Peds Neuro Resident Invited Speaker

March 11, 2022 Dr. Nico Barthelemy 
Dr. Chihiro Sato
Memory & Aging
March 18, 2022 Dr. Patrick Lyden
Adult Resident Invited Speaker
March 25, 2022 Peds Neuro CPC
April 1, 2022

Dr. Steven Miller
Dodge Lecture

April 8, 2022

No Grand Rounds/AAN 

April 15, 2022 Stroke
April 22, 2022 PGY4 Enmanuel Perez Martinez
April 29, 2022

Goldring Lecutre

May 6, 2022

Dr. S. Thomas Carmichael
Levy Lecture

May 13, 2022

Dr. Brad Racette
Movement Disorders

May 20, 2022

 No Grand Rounds/ Commencement

May 27, 2022 No Grand Rounds/Resident Symposium 
June 3, 2022

State of the Department
Dr. Jin Moo Lee

June 10, 2022 Dr. Shannon Agner
Peds Neuro
June 17, 2022
June 24, 2022 Dr. Jon Willie



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