(Non-ACGME Accredited Fellowship)

The Adult Epilepsy Center offers a one to two year fellowship in epilepsy and clinical neurophysiology. The first year is ACGME approved for clinical neurophysiology and is devoted to clinical training with a particular emphasis on video/EEG monitoring and the evaluation of patients for epilepsy surgery. The fellowship is centered in a six bed video/EEG monitoring unit with state of the art digital equipment. Training is provided in the interpretation of EEG, video/EEG, intracranial video/EEG, intraoperative electrocorticography, and evoked potentials. Fellows also participate in busy outpatient clinics. In addition, Fellows will obtain training in sleep or EMG as part of the requirements for certification in clinical neurophysiology.

The second year may be devoted to a negotiable combination of additional clinical training, clinical research and laboratory based research and is intended to provide additional preparation for a career in academic epilepsy. Fellows may participate in ongoing clinical trials in the epilepsy center or ongoing epilepsy related laboratory research anywhere in the medical school. All fellows will be assigned one, and occasionally two, faculty mentors.

Regular activities of the Section include:

  • Daily review of video/EEG telemetry
  • Daily review of routine inpatient and outpatient EEG and evoked potential studies
  • Weekly epilepsy surgery conference
  • Weekly clinical neurophysiology lecture series
  • Monthly joint Adult-Pediatric epilepsy surgery conference
  • Monthly journal club
  • Monthly teaching conference for residents

Prerequisites for application include successful completion of an approved neurology residency program. The applicant must be able to obtain a Missouri Medical license, BNDD License, and DEA License.

All applicants need to email or send their CV, a statement of career goals, USMLE scores, and three (3) letters recommendation to R. Edward Hogan MD. and/or Dr. Brian Keith Day