Neurology Clerkship

Welcome to the Third Year Neurology Clerkship Website!

This website provides you with vital information about the clerkship, including:

  • Orientation Presentation and Materials
  • Clerkship Aims, Objectives, and Expectations
  • Conference Aims, Objectives, Preparation, PowerPoint Presentations
  • Educational Tools
  • Patient Logs
  • Policies on Call, Duty Hours, Absences
  • Feedback and Evaluation Policy

Core Clerkship Objectives:

Clinical Experiences, Didactics, Workshops, and Feedback will be provided to master the knowledge, skills, and professional development listed below.

  • Obtain a detailed and comprehensive medical history, perform a complete and accurate neurological exam, and thoroughly document the history and thought process.
  • Learn about neurologic disease from both a broad and patient-centric perspective. Use the medical literature for diagnosis and management.
  • Synthesize medical data for localization, a prioritized differential, and plan for evaluation and treatment.
  • Present patients concisely and knowledgably on rounds, and participate in discussion on diagnosis and disease management.
  • Work cohesively to become a valued member of a large healthcare team.
  • Communicate compassionately with your patient and their family to establish trust and coordinate their care.
  • Convey dedication, initiative, respect, a positive attitude, a thirst for knowledge, personal development, and self-improvement.

For all questions regarding the third year required Neurology Clerkship contact:

Robert T. Naismith, MD
Neurology Clerkship Director
Tel: (314) 362-3998

Chrissy McIntosh
Education/Clerkship Coordinator
Tel: (314) 362-3998