Neuroscience Conference Schedule

There are a variety of neuroscience research seminars offered throughout the week. For a comprehensive calendar of all neuroscience-related events, please visit the Office of Neuroscience Research.

Grand Rounds

Grand Rounds are usually clinically oriented. Each week, there are Grand Rounds for the departments of Neurology, Neurosurgery, and Psychiatry. Click on the links below for the schedule of topics for each department (Psychiatry’s topics are updated on a weekly basis).

Neuroradiology Conferences

The neuroradiologists have a conference every day at 7-8 AM in which interesting cases are presented. The conferences in Queeny Tower on Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday are teaching conferences geared towards residents. There are generally a handful of people at them, so you should introduce yourself and say you are there to watch. The other conferences have larger attendance, so you would be less conspicuous. The attendings are generally at the Friday morning conference, but not usually the others. You are welcome at any of these conferences. Please note material covered is for a more advanced learner.

Neurology Subspecialty Conferences

A biweekly stroke and CNS conference Tuesdays at noon are geared towards residents. Students rotating on Neurology regularly attend these, and attendance averages ~30 people. The Alzheimer Disease Research Center holds a large multidisciplinary weekly seminar on Tuesdays at noon. The movement disorders section meets nearly weekly on Thursday afternoons. This is a smaller meeting, but you are still welcome to addend.

Neuroscience Conference Schedule - 2014-2015

Monday 7 AM Neuroradiology teaching conference (16th floor conf. rm., Queeny Tower)
  9:15 AM Gross Neuropath Conference Brain Cutting – (Autopsy Suite, 1st Floor West Building)
  12 PM Neurology/Hope Center for Neurological Disorder Research Seminar (Holden Auditorium)
Tuesday 7 AM Neuroradiology teaching conference (16th floor conf. rm., Queeny Tower)
  7:30 AM Pediatric Neurology Journal Club (Northwest Tower, Suite 1260 conf. rm.)
  9 AM Psychiatry Grand Rounds (Cori/Clopton Auditorium)
  9:15 AM Neuro Autopsy Microscopic Review – (Rm 3209, Microscope Rm. BJCIH Building)
  12 PM Dementia (ADRC) Seminar (East Pavilion Auditorium – BJH South, 1st Floor)
    Stroke Conference (West Pavilion Auditorium) (1st & 3rd Tuesday)
    CNS Conference+ (West Pavilion Auditorium) (schedule varies)
    Anatomy and Neurobiology Departmental Seminar (Rm. 928 McDonnell Sciences)
Wednesday 7 AM Neuroradiology Case Conference (16th floor conf. rm. Queeny Tower)
    Neurosurgery Grand Rounds (5th floor, McMillan Bldg., conf. rm.)
  9:15 AM Neuro Micro Surgical Rounds – Working Neuropathology Conf. (Rm 3209 Microscope Rm. BJCIH Building)
  11:30 AM Psychiatry Research Seminar (Clopton Auditorium)
  12 PM Clinical Neuroscience Lecture (West Pavilion Auditorium)
Thursday 7 AM Pediatric Neuroradiology Conference (SLCH, 3rd floor auditorium)
  9:15 AM Neuropathology Teaching Conference (Robert Schmidt/Nigel Cairns) (Rm 3209 Microscope Rm. BJCIH Bldg).
  12 PM Neurology Resident Journal Club* (Choi Conf. Rm., 2nd floor McMillan)
  3 PM Movement Disorders Conference++ (2nd floor, East Bldg. conf. rm.)
Friday 7 AM Neuroradiology Case Conference (16th floor conf. rm., Queeny Tower)
  8 AM Neurology Grand Rounds (West Pavilion Auditorium)
    Vascular Conference (Angiography reading rm., 3rd floor, MIR)

+ Contact Lorraine Edrington at 362-3296 or ahead of time to make sure the conference is on the week you want to go.

++ Contact Susan Donovan at 362-6026 or ahead of time to make sure conference is on the week you want to go.