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Faculty members of the Department of Neurology are extensively involved in research activities. These include testing new treatments in clinical trials, as well as basic research utilizing systems, cellular, and molecular neuroscience approaches. Departmental laboratories occupy approximately 50,000 net square feet.

Basic and clinical research activities are funded by government and foundation grants, as well as private donations and endowments. According to NIH figures for the fiscal year of 2003, members of the Neurology Department received 22.4 million dollars in NIH support; placing the Department 2nd among all US medical school neurology departments in that measure of high quality research activity. Institutional support for neuroscience research is additionally provided by two endowed research centers at WUSM, the McDonnell Center for Systems NeuroScience, directed by Steve Petersen, and the McDonnell Center for Cellular and Molecular Neurobiology, directed by Charles Zorumski.

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