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Recycling & Energy Awareness

WUSM Management Council Member Energy Savings Action Plan

Lead by Example
• Implement the Energy Savings Tips for offices, labs and at home.

Be Our Advocate
• Promote the Energy Conservation Form
• Purchase Energy Star Equipment for offices and labs.
• Share Energy Savings Tips with faculty and staff.
• Help spread the word on energy conservation projects, keeping people informed and helping them understand what's in it for them.
- Lighting Conservation Project
- Future HVAC Retrofits

Help Champion Energy Awareness
• Identify a Champion in your department who will serve as a liaison to the Energy Awareness Committee
• Qualifications
- Respected by others
- Passionate about Energy Conservation
- Reliable and available
• Role and Responsibilities of the Champion
- Serve as liaison to Energy Awareness Committee
- Communicate critical information
- Be a subject matter expert
- Identify energy savings initiatives

The money we save on energy costs frees up resources we can invest in our core mission of Patient Care, Education and Research. Each of us can do our part and what we do matters.

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