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Adult Neurology Residency

Welcome to the Washington University/Barnes Jewish Hospital Adult Neurology Residency Program!

We are delighted that you have made the decision to pursue a residency in neurology and hope that you strongly consider Washington University as you transition from an aspiring medical student to outstanding neurologist. Put simply, the goal of our residency program is to help each resident discover their passion in neurology and to provide the educational and professional resources for residents to succeed in residency, fellowship, and beyond.

Barnes Jewish Hospital is one of the top 10 hospitals in the US, particularly in neuroscience specialties, and Washington University is a top tier research institution with an incredible wealth of resources and expertise in neuroscience. We have consistently been in the top 5 institutions in terms of NIH support for research for over 20 years. The Department of Neurology has ~ 120 faculty members with international leaders in nearly every subspecialty area. We also have a relatively unique resource in our general neurology section, a group of outstanding clinicians, most of whom have had successful private clinical practices, who share their expertise and experience to insure our residents are well-rounded neurologists.

We are looking for residents who want to become astute and caring clinicians. We aim to recruit a diverse group of residents, welcoming US and international graduates, those with academic and basic science aspirations and those who are looking for clinical careers in academic or community settings. The adult neurology residency training program provides outstanding clinical training. The internship year in the Barnes Jewish Hospital Internal Medicine Program provides grounding in internal medicine and familiarity with the hospital. During the intern year, you will get a taste of neurology on the consultation service and inpatient neurology rotation. During the second year of residency (first year of neurology) you will focus on inpatient neurology to gain a firm grounding in management of neurological disorders. You will also learn the basics of EEG and spend time in faculty clinics as you explore the neurological subspecialties. During the third year of residency (PGY3), you will take on more responsibility as the leader of our inpatient consultation service. As a fourth year senior resident (PGY4), you will lead a team of junior residents, interns and medical students as the chief resident on the inpatient neurology service. Our residency offers a great deal of flexibility so you can tailor your residency experience to your career goals; during the PGY3 and PGY4 years, you will have up to 11 months of electives to focus your residency on specific topics most important to your career. We focus on increasing autonomy and responsibility as you progress through residency so you develop confidence, independence and leadership skills.

Washington University is a wonderful place to pursue training and to work; we hope you consider joining us. For now, take a tour through the residency and department websites to see the interests and achievements of our faculty and residents and look at the Resident’s Life section to find links to the many attractions that make Saint Louis a wonderful place to live.

We wish you all the best as you choose a residency and in your future career!

B. Joy Snider, MD, PhD Adult Neurology Residency Program Director
David M. Holtzman, MD Chair, Department of Neurology

Welcome to the Neurology Residency Program at Barnes-Jewish Hospital and Washington University in St. Louis! Selecting a residency program and beginning the journey to become a neurologist is an exciting process that we remember well. It’s a time to find a place where your goals of mastering clinical neurology and exploring the neurosciences are cultivated. And it’s a time to find an environment where the practice and exploration of neurology is truly loved, where you can connect with mentors who will support and guide you along the way.

Your education and training here are a priority. As a 1680-bed quaternary care referral center, you will be involved in the most challenging and rare neurological cases. Barnes-Jewish Hospital is also the primary provider for indigent care in greater St. Louis, and you will be become proficient with the breadth of common neurological problems as well as the first presentations of uncommon illnesses. Our training program utilizes a system of graded responsibility that gives you the opportunity to be the first responder to tPA cases for acute strokes as a PGY-2, to run the Consult Service as a PGY-3, and to serve as the Chief of the General Neurology and Stroke inpatient services as a PGY-4.

Your colleagues will be a constant source of intellectual engagement, camaraderie and friendship. All of our educational and clinical activities take place on one campus, which minimizes commuting and maximizes your interactions with colleagues and faculty. As a categorical program, you will be fully integrated into the Medicine Department during your internship, resulting in close relationships with your Medicine colleagues that will last throughout your training. Twice weekly, we hold a morning report with senior faculty where we alternate between bedside examinations of illustrative cases and presentations of the most challenging and enlightening cases the PGY-4 residents saw throughout their residency. In addition, we have near-daily noon conferences of various topics and formats including formal didactics, evidence-based stroke conferences, resident-led journal club, EMG/EEG tutorials, career mentorship, and more.

We are proud to have a long tradition of excellence in Neurology. As such, we have leaders in virtually every subspecialty of Neurology who can provide you with the opportunities and mentorship to succeed in your career goals. Our residents go on to attain positions in academia and the community in diverse subspecialties as well as general practice. It is in this spirit we have created a program with flexibility. Eleven months of the residency are reserved for elective, allowing you to spend additional time in clinical areas of interest, engage in basic science or clinical research, pursue educational development, participate in a neurology practice in Ethiopia, or other activities to personalize your training as desired.

We hope this letter finds you well and we encourage you to explore our website to learn more about our program!


David Curfman, MD
Gus Davis, MD, PhD
2014-2015 Administrative Chief Residents

Kristin Gehrking, MD, PhD
2014-2015 Education Chief Resident

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